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Daylight Medication Assisted Treatment

Although opioid addiction has a host of psychological, social, and developmental causes, the physical component of this very real dependence must be addressed before other therapeutic measure can have the desired effects.

Opioid addiction is many things at once, but it is a disease of the brain first and foremost, not a moral failing. With the opioid epidemic that is currently ravaging our country, we in the addiction treatment industry are morally obliged to save lives and maximize chances for recovery. That’s why we encourage clients who are suffering from opioid addiction to continue their Suboxone or Subutex maintenance programs while they undergo treatment.


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Why Choose Daylight

It’s very fashionable these days for an addiction treatment facility to go on and on about how different and unique they are. You see this sentiment expressed constantly, in blurbs, blogs, and on websites all over the country. And while there’s nothing wrong with treatments that stand on the cutting edge– many of ours most certainly do– there are times when this mania for uniqueness can go too far.

Don’t get us wrong. There’s no question that Daylight Detox and Recovery Center offers a unique treatment and recovery experience. Our counselors stay up to date on all the most advanced treatment trends and undergo constant retraining.

The Daylight Philosophy

The main thing you need to know (deserve to know, really) is that our sole commitment is to you or your loved one’s recovery from addiction. We do whatever it takes to get our clients safe, healthy, and on the road to a recovery that’s satisfying to them.

Broadly speaking, we accomplish this in two basic ways. First, we know what we’re doing. Our counselors are the best in the industry. They’re brilliant, well-trained, and open-minded. They’re also extremely compassionate and sensitive. They care about the people they work with and take their needs quite seriously.